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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Exciting times!

After a busy of Summer season of new and familiar faces, we set our sights on the upcoming holidays.  Our Spookytown display is a hit and now shares the table with a few winter delights.  We continue to add new and exciting items to the inventory to trigger your memories and tempt your collections.  Many of the everyday sales remain in effect and are a great way to start stocking up for the gift-giving seasons.  Board games make excellent presents and are “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”! 

We are already talking about the Annual Star Wars Toys for Tots event.  Remember to check back for updates on the event in early December.  It’s a great way to involve our customers and visitors in donating to a wonderful cause that helps out families right here in Erie.  And it’s a lot of fun!

Being located within driving distance of Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland and all points in between, we continue to be a choice destination for the perfect day trip.  You too can hop in your car, drive an hour or two and enjoy all three floors of action figure fun plus the comic books.  You’re invited to stop in and visit Tuesday through Sunday.  Check out the hours and store information! 

12:26 pm 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


We are now offering shipping to accommodate our virtual visitors.  ACTIONTOYMAN is active on Facebook and Instagram (please like and/or follow if you have not yet! Links found on our Store Information page).  Through these two social media platforms with the help of PayPal, we are now pleased to offer in store items for sale to our admirers worldwide.  See anything you like in our recent postings? Please contact us via direct messaging on Facebook or Instagram to inquire about item availability (sometimes items sell between time of picture taking and inquiry).  We will quote you a total cost including shipping, which allows us to include the cost of shipping materials and shipping rates via the US Postal Service.  Payment is accepted via PayPal.  Upon confirmation of received payment, items are packed with care and sent off with an invoice included.

We are confident using these platforms with direct communication for individual interaction that we can now provide a similar quality of service to our virtual customers as we do to our in-store visitors.  During a recent transaction, we shipped an action figure to its new home in Norway! We want to continue to provide good homes to our action figures, comics and collectables and sometimes those good homes are outside our current geographical area.   

12:48 pm 

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