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Consignment Services

We can help you.  Bring your action figures to us.  We do all the work for you and as your figures sell, you pick up your money.  With over 200 people selling their items through us on consignment, we have developed a process that works for all of us. 
Do you have action figures sitting around?  In boxes? Hidden away in an attic or basement?  
Are you in need of more room for your newer action figures?  Interested in selling your doubles or triples?  
Is there a part of you that doesn't want to just "get rid of it" all, but you do want to see your figures go to a good home?  
Let us help you with Consignment.  

Our Consignment Services include:
 ·        Research your items
·       Appraise their value
·        Price them according to the market
·        Clean your items
·        Display them in our store
·        Market them for sale
·        Sell your items for you

Our Consignment Rates are based on the sales price…
·        Any item priced $99 or less
o   50% to You - 50% to ACTIONTOYMAN
·        Any one item priced over $100
o   70% to You - 30% to ACTIONTOYMAN

When you support ACTIONTOYMAN, you are also supporting everyone on consignment. 
It's win-win for everyone!

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